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The following message was sent to the MCSA's e-mail address (info@mcstroke.org) by Dr. Andrew Barbash. I hope you find his information helpful.

I am the medical director of the stroke management team at Holy Cross Hospital and have registered as a member of MCSA. I also am very actively involved in the Personal Health Record arena and am the co-founder of a company who has approached this as a service model to the consumer. We have taken a complete consumer-focused perspective on this and introduced a health information manager intermediary so as to help people achieve better continuity of care through bringing records, reports from different providers together in one place, and helping to manage a secure online community for the patient, family and caregiver.

I thought it might be a good time for members of the MCSA to learn more about these types of very practical means of enhancing continuity of care and beginning to take charge of ones own health information.

I was going to post this as a forum item to begin discussions about the personal health record in general, but was not sure how you like to govern the posting forums. I was formerly the director of the electronic medical record at Kaiser in the mid-atlantic area and was able to bring much of that experience to this process, but always believed as a clinician that one of the best things we could all do for people with stroke and other neurologic disorders was help them better manage their own health records and information. Not a shared view by many in the health profession, but something whose time has come. (more info is at www.laxor.com)

Andrew Barbash, MD
Medical Director Stroke Care Program
Holy Cross Hospital
mobile 301-938-6615
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